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HERE'S THE CROWN JEWEL! (yeah..yeah right xD)

(Complete with pictures!

OKAY, if you get a bad character/bad LOOKING character we ALL did. xD *gave everyone old, creepy, smelly men!*


Jess/Colonel William Tavington (looks like a rat)

This guy was queit the tool if I do say so myself. xD Anyway, Jess IS rather sneaky when she wants to be....and can 'out fox' (GO TODD!!!!) just about anyone. This guy was also PRETTY creative when it came to killing as that sounds. xD Like when he burned 'em all to hell in the church, yep-yep! And Jess is creative! AND sometimes gruesomly creative. xD Like when she eats/kills people....*shudders* "KILL ME BEFORE THE WAR IS OVA?? WELL, IT APPEARS YOU ARE NOT THE BETTER MAN!!!" :O! Chazata!

Aud/Gabriel Martin (nice hat)

Why, your the best person who can fake a gold fish when they die like this guy. xD!!!! Okay...lemme think. XP *thinks* OKEY! This guy was like....patriotic or something, and worked on that smelly ass flag. That means like Aud he had...goals of some sort...and worked hard...*like Membrane* or...something! And he was a 'ladie's man'. Not really..I can't back that up. xD Ah yeah! He got married and...Aud's had a few HAREM MEMBERS...*cough cough* That and he was good with his family, and I think if not for Aud, our family would be to hell right now. xD Yer ze voice of reason AND yer got the pratical tricks down....or...something.

Nak/Benjamin Martin (Probably in hell)

WELL, first off, how many times I have I fell to my knees and had the music go?? *slams thumb over shoulder and points to 'PATRIOT MUSIC' on a record player with a big hole in it* ANYWAY, this guy was always runnin' around and shyt...and so do I. around a lot I guess. xD That and I TRY to work hard...sometimes that goes to hell I guess. Right with this WRU. xD ANYWAY...he was kinda 'playerish'....goin out with his wifey's sister???? *wonders if Joel and Scott are brothers*????? Probably not, but hey....the pictures were nice.
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