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We all know how Nak supposibly became in TLK....or somewhat anyway. BUT, what about Aud and Jess?

*holds up a big reel of film!* :D

Aud: Oh GOD >_<
Jess: Was...dis back in the day when you could ONLY call me 'Lord Jessihan'and 'Lord Audrey' in Delphi?????? :D

*movie starts*

*We see a fuzzy version of a bit younger Aud walking about a ruggid jungle teran with a lovely apple*

Jess: *LEAPS out of nowhere and steals apple* Whaha!!!! Ooooooooo! Great adventurer give poor starving Jess munchings and
crunchings! Nice apple! Good Adventurer, good apple! Oh boy! What a juicy apple!

Jess: *begins to walk away, but Aud grabs her by the scruff of the neck*

Aud: Hey! No you don't! I didn't give you that apple, you took it!

*Jess bites her hand*

Aud: Ow!

Jess: *runs and hides in a nearby bush*

Aud: Hey! Hold on you hairy little thief! Come back with my apple!
*Aud picks up a stick*
If you don't give it back you'll be sorry! I mean it! I 'm warning you!

Jess: comes out of hiding*

Aud: Give it back!

Jess: looks like she is holding the apple, but when he opens her hands and/or paws. The apple isn't there)

Aud: C'mon the apple! Where is it?

Jess: Uh,ah! Jess has not seen the apple- uhoh!
*the apple has rolled out behind Jess's back, and she leaps on top of the apple to hide it*

Aud: Give it back, I warn you! C'mon!

Jess: *tosses the apple about in her hands, and looks at it like his heart is going to break*

Aud: C'mon the apple, let's have it!

Jess: *takes a huge bite out of the apple then hands it to Aud*

Aud: You horrible greedy thing! You should be ashamed of yourself!

Jess: *Appears to cry*
Ooooohhh! Poor miserable Jess deserves fierce smackings and whackings on her poor tender head! *sniff* All is left with no munchings and crunchings! Forgive poor Jess!

Aud: Oh, stop that sniveling! I'm not going to hurt you. Now look here! Have you seen my harem member? *lost Warp in the jungle*

Jess: Harem member? Blue, tall harem member-ey? Gun hand!

Aud: Yes, yes.

Jess: Goatee!

Aud: That's him! That's Warp!

Jess: Uhah, nope. Jess has not seen harem member-y! Nope!

Aud: Oh, never mind! No telling where Warp is by now!
*stuffs the apple into her vest. Jess follows her, hoping to get the apple*

Jess: Oh, master, master! Now Jess remembers! Yes! Yes! Clever sharp-eyed Jess saw the harem member-y run, right through the forest! Uhuh! Uhuh! I saw it! Uhuh! I saw it!
*pulls Aud by the hand* Come! Jess will find the lost harem member-y! Then we'll be friends forever!
*she jumps on Aud and begins to search her vest for the apple* Munchings and crunchings in here somewhere!

*tape stops, explodes into flames*

Aud: Oh yeah...I remember that. *shudders* Then we stumbled into this hell hole....

Jess: .....*itches the back of her ear with her leg* XP
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