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Wow, it's been a while since we've been here!

*brushes some dust off Auntie's head* xD

......*amazing TLK powers permit as Sam's eyebrow twitches. HRMMMMM?!*

*we see Jess, Aud, and Nak all waiting at the bus stop, while Jess excitedly shifts her weight with a large kangaroo backpack on her back*

Jess: EEEEE-YAAAAAA! >D!!!!!

Aud: *sniffs* Okay Jess, you be a good kid on your first day of skool.... :')

Nak: ....>_o...what's 3 + 4?

Jess: ....8. :)

Nak: She'll do fine. :P

Bus: *comes up*!!

Chel: *is the bus driver cause she's never in TLK XD* .....

Jess: Byeeeeeeeeee :O *walks up the stairs and the doors shut behind her*

Aud: Awww they grow up SO fast :'(

Nak:..............JESS, YOU FERGOT YER.....

Bus: *drives away*

Nak: Lunch. *holds up a large opossum carcus stuffed with moldy taters in BBQ sauce*. Oh well. :P


Jess: .....*looks at a seat* ?

Auntie: NOOOO, I'M SITING HERE, BUT SMILE! SMILE FOR AUNTIE! :D *tickles Jess's elbow*

Jess: MRRRPH! >_< *looks over* ?????

Gren: Pfhhhhht. Freak. :P *puts back pack over the rest of the seat*

Jess: GRRR! >_< *is really aggravated* ?

Forrest Gump: *gives her a nasty look* Seat's taken. :P!!!!!!!
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