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Please kill me xD


TEN THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU (1.) You resemble Tzkle Kahn....xD)

(JESS if you've never seen this movie, don't worry.....because.....*big pause*.....I'll explain quiet nicely but knowing your never know!)

Jess/Kat: don't like to do things people expect you to do. You're good at art, English, and pissing people off with class. xD! Heyyyyy, works for us all! You kinda....don't get very sociable at times because well....people....are lame. xD You use big words and try to keep the swearing down xD

Mar/Bianca: You have more friends than us combined, me thinks. xD ANYWAYS, even though people tend thee, you're not shallow or anything. And remember last year, you didn't do very good in Spanish because your teacher sucked but now I'm sure you could say 'did you check up your ass?' with ease!! xD PLUS you're good at kicking people's asses.....always a plus my friend.

Me/Walter (The Dad): I think what just happened in the last 3 seconds (the 'sperm jingle' on the radio that is xD) sums this up. xD!! I'm pretty protective and lay down the rules pretty evilly....EYAHHHH. ....And I do everything and yet nothing. xD "INTERESTING"....

Those were kinda short but I'm just getting ready...xD *turns to Mar* IT'S ALL YOU! :D
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