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Considering that today is....Aug. 19th, and the last message made in here was made in February, I decided to post a new message.

Jessss! Marrrrr! We need to get back into RPing. Luxkess is cold and hungry and I think TSAUM just died of lonliness. :( Besides, I think everyone else is getting tired of us just RPing in their comments and such. xD


Aud: *walks into the living room* Whazz goin' on? :O

Nak: *cackles evilly whilst she pushes Jess downstairs on a beanbag*

Jess: Musupu!! :O!! *cascades down the stairs at three thousand miles an hour*

Gren: *is on the stairs....attempts to leap out of the way but is flattened and is but a smudge on the stairs*

Jess: SUUUUPU....*suddenly gets to the bottom and is STILL on beanbag, but just abruptly cries*

Aud: Jesus Nak, you almost kill-

Hotept And Huy: *run over to Aud in pink, women's underwear and get in her face* YOU DARE DEFY....REEEEEE?

Nak: Screw all of you, I'm getting the FINK outta here! *throws a 'Farmer Welches' Yam Chips Bag' on the floor and plods outside as all the squares stand, awe stricken at her language*

Luxkess: :O!!! *RUNS over, picks up the bag and runs under the beanbag with Jess still on it and begins to tear it up with all the other scraps of snotty tissues and Laffy Taffy wrappers she already got to*

(Ah man, I havn't done this in like....forever. xD)
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