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The Lords' Kingdom

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:D [01 Jul 2004|03:01pm]

[ mood | chipper ]


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[29 Jan 2004|07:54pm]

[ mood | content ]

*In Stinkaporia*

Vicious: *is homeless*

Gren: ....Why'd you invest all your money in the Nacho stock?

Vicious: ............I hate nachos.


Jess: *is listening to music up in her cache one decible lower then a speaker at concert* *SINGING OBNOXIOUSLY TO MUSIC* I DON'T WANNA GROW UP AHHHH'M A TOYS-R-US KIDDDD.....

Aud: *down in the kitchen in pink robe and slippers, reading paper and drinking coffee* DAMNIT JESS!!!!!!

Nak: *playing 'whippin' cupcakes'* HWAHH!!!! *throws cupcake at wall and it sticks*

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[27 Sep 2003|09:24am]

[ mood | content ]

TLK: *is getting ready for Halloween EARLY this year*

Nak: *puts a pumpkin out on the porch* :\

Aud: Aw, that's nice! ^-^

Nak: *lights it, instead of a traditional jackolantern face, it's Jafar raping a donkey*

Aud: >_> ....*goes inside the house*

Jess: *looks at last year's Aladar costume* Hskkkk. *trys to make NEW costume* :D *makes a suit made completely out of bloody corpses* :D!!

Doppler: :O!! *runs over like a dog (IRONY!?), snatches the costume in his teeth, and RUNS down the hall with it dragging behind him and hides under Aud's bed, chewin' it up*

Jess: ;_;...Hehhhhh.....*falls on ass and BAWLS*

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PANCAKES [21 Sep 2003|01:10pm]

[ mood | creative ]


I went ahead and updated the 'interests' list on TLK profile, you know, just so we'd have more crap on it that wasn't even highlighted ANYWAY. xD

I added: go-go-action broncos, chuckie cheese, cuppies, flies, oompa loompas, totoro, allon, the wiggles, mother khan, tickle me elmo, dust, crayons, purpie, lordjessikhan, xxxblack_catxxx, chicha, momma made us pancakes, uncle ben

....Was it 'momma made us pancakes' or 'mommy made us pancakes'? XD!! I'll never forget that ad, though. :\

Ad: *competes with TKTPPM's business*

DAMN, and I said this was OUT of character, old school, yo. XD

I'd also like to ask if either of you would like me to add any of our 'newer' (or....NEW because I haven't updated the damn list in near forever xD) characters to the profile. Like, we obviously have Aud, Jess, Nak, Luxkess....even Russel Crowe for Re's sake. xD I just figured if Mar wanted like...JIM on there or....if someone wanted to add someone stupid on there like Mother Khan, than I could do that. No prob-lay-mo!

.....AND a final note. (Me thinks.) Since Jess is back to school and such, I've noticed she's updated more since Summer. I figured we could start RPing in here again. :)? Pshuu. xD


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BACK?! [19 Aug 2003|01:08pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Considering that today is....Aug. 19th, and the last message made in here was made in February, I decided to post a new message.

Jessss! Marrrrr! We need to get back into RPing. Luxkess is cold and hungry and I think TSAUM just died of lonliness. :( Besides, I think everyone else is getting tired of us just RPing in their comments and such. xD


Aud: *walks into the living room* Whazz goin' on? :O

Nak: *cackles evilly whilst she pushes Jess downstairs on a beanbag*

Jess: Musupu!! :O!! *cascades down the stairs at three thousand miles an hour*

Gren: *is on the stairs....attempts to leap out of the way but is flattened and is but a smudge on the stairs*

Jess: SUUUUPU....*suddenly gets to the bottom and is STILL on beanbag, but just abruptly cries*

Aud: Jesus Nak, you almost kill-

Hotept And Huy: *run over to Aud in pink, women's underwear and get in her face* YOU DARE DEFY....REEEEEE?

Nak: Screw all of you, I'm getting the FINK outta here! *throws a 'Farmer Welches' Yam Chips Bag' on the floor and plods outside as all the squares stand, awe stricken at her language*

Luxkess: :O!!! *RUNS over, picks up the bag and runs under the beanbag with Jess still on it and begins to tear it up with all the other scraps of snotty tissues and Laffy Taffy wrappers she already got to*

(Ah man, I havn't done this in like....forever. xD)

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xD [02 Feb 2003|08:23am]

[ mood | amused ]


xD Oh...xD Oh that's just..prrrrecious. xD

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Please kill me xD [28 Jan 2003|05:32pm]

[ mood | weird ]


TEN THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU (1.) You resemble Tzkle Kahn....xD)

(JESS if you've never seen this movie, don't worry.....because.....*big pause*.....I'll explain quiet nicely but knowing your sister....you never know!)

Jess/Kat: Yes...you don't like to do things people expect you to do. You're good at art, English, and pissing people off with class. xD! Heyyyyy, works for us all! You kinda....don't get very sociable at times because well....people....are lame. xD You use big words and try to keep the swearing down but...eh. xD

Mar/Bianca: You have more friends than us combined, me thinks. xD ANYWAYS, even though people tend to.....chase thee, you're not shallow or anything. And remember last year, you didn't do very good in Spanish because your teacher sucked but now I'm sure you could say 'did you check up your ass?' with ease!! xD PLUS you're good at kicking people's asses.....always a plus my friend.

Me/Walter (The Dad): I think what just happened in the last 3 seconds (the 'sperm jingle' on the radio that is xD) sums this up. xD!! I'm pretty protective and lay down the rules pretty evilly....EYAHHHH. ....And I do everything and yet nothing. xD "INTERESTING"....

Those were kinda short but I'm just getting ready...xD *turns to Mar* IT'S ALL YOU! :D

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HMMM?!?!? [27 Dec 2002|02:07pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

ZeeCoffeePoopCan: (Sam) Nak: .....who got me ice cream? :O
ZeeCoffeePoopCan: (Mar)Legolas: :::hands her a 4-scooper::: xD
ZeeCoffeePoopCan:(Mar) Scroop: HMMM!?!?!
ZeeCoffeePoopCan: (Sam) xD!!!!!
ZeeCoffeePoopCan: (Sam)Gandalf: .......A GOBLIN! *beats Scroop over the head with his staff*
ZeeCoffeePoopCan: (Mar)Scroop: YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE! :::grabs Frodo like the Scorpion King and runs::: xD
ZeeCoffeePoopCan: (Sam)LMFAO!
ZeeCoffeePoopCan: (Sam) Sam: FRODOOOOO! *runs after him like the fat ass he is*
ZeeCoffeePoopCan: (Sam)Nak: *out of sheer confusion* *looks at cone* DID YOU TOUCH THIS!?!??!
ZeeCoffeePoopCan: (Mar) Legolas:...N-n-nu.
ZeeCoffeePoopCan:(Sam) Nak: Okay. *eats it like she's never seen food before* xD
ZeeCoffeePoopCan: (Mar) xD!!!


That's a good RP. xD Jess, when are you comin' back from where ever you are xD AND:

....When can we all just come back here and RP like the doofays we are? :O


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YE GOT SOME 'SPLANIN' TA DO! [10 Nov 2002|01:35pm]

[ mood | good ]

Jess, this is gonna sound dumb, but Mar and I sparked a new place in TLK. xD

Between Superhero Island, and TLK is a large....vessel....of water. Out there, are many pirates....obnoxious pirates who like nothing more than invading TLK to steal the cereal box prizes, partying, shooting each other, and raping Jim. (XD) This 'section' of TLK has been labled 'The Pirates Of The Caribian. Just a heads up for ya Jess, figured you'd wanna know if you needed that much info. xD Oh! I almost forgot. IF the pirates DARE step off their ships/island/whatever into the water...(this applies to the superheros on Super Hero Island, and the Lesbots on The Damsel Island as well), the 'Gambit Shark' (a creature with Gambit's head and a shark's body) will appear and sing his song, which goes "GAMBIT, GAMBIT, GAMBIT, GAMBIT" (it has the same tune as the 'Drakken Song' if you know what that is xD) and then the Gambit Shark will AlWAYS eat the poor victom, NO exeptions. xD Okay, that's it.


Jess: *SIGH* >_>
Aud: *looks up from a magazine*....What?
Jess: *points to the 'Kenny The Kangaroo Show' which has been canceld for 'The Lesbot Kingdom Romps'*
Aud: *deranged, confused look, and goes back to magazine*
Nak: *runs in* LOCK THE DOORS. O_O
Aud: We don't HAVE doors....dumbass.
Auntie: *runs in*
Nak: Eeeeeh >_____<
Jess: *looks out the window and sees a TINY ant hill*....eh. :P *feels the ant hill is mocking her, and gets mad* ......MUSUPU!!!! >#!!!!! *throws a stupid, plastic, green shovel at the ant hill*

Ant Hill: *ERUPTS like a huge valcano and lava spews all over the place*
Rasputant: *runs in from Stinkaporia* EEEEYA! *gets spewed by lava, his skin melts off, and he's a skelliton, doing the 'bone dance' like he did at the END of Anastasia when he died*

(I'm not funny xD)

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ROFL!!!! [27 Oct 2002|07:11am]

[ mood | mischievous ]

A picture to end all pictures...xD

a href="http://quiz.ravenblack.net/blood.pl?1125746314">*"OKAY, AQUA-PISS!"*</a>


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Wow, it's been a while since we've been here! [24 Oct 2002|02:19pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

*brushes some dust off Auntie's head* xD

......*amazing TLK powers permit as Sam's eyebrow twitches. HRMMMMM?!*

*we see Jess, Aud, and Nak all waiting at the bus stop, while Jess excitedly shifts her weight with a large kangaroo backpack on her back*

Jess: EEEEE-YAAAAAA! >D!!!!!

Aud: *sniffs* Okay Jess, you be a good kid on your first day of skool.... :')

Nak: ....>_o...what's 3 + 4?

Jess: ....8. :)

Nak: She'll do fine. :P

Bus: *comes up*!!

Chel: *is the bus driver cause she's never in TLK XD* .....

Jess: Byeeeeeeeeee :O *walks up the stairs and the doors shut behind her*

Aud: Awww they grow up SO fast :'(

Nak:..............JESS, YOU FERGOT YER.....

Bus: *drives away*

Nak: Lunch. *holds up a large opossum carcus stuffed with moldy taters in BBQ sauce*. Oh well. :P


Jess: .....*looks at a seat* ?

Auntie: NOOOO, I'M SITING HERE, BUT SMILE! SMILE FOR AUNTIE! :D *tickles Jess's elbow*

Jess: MRRRPH! >_< *looks over* ?????

Gren: Pfhhhhht. Freak. :P *puts back pack over the rest of the seat*

Jess: GRRR! >_< *is really aggravated* ?

Forrest Gump: *gives her a nasty look* Seat's taken. :P!!!!!!!

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HAH! [05 Oct 2002|09:32am]

[ mood | awake ]

We all know how Nak supposibly became in TLK....or somewhat anyway. BUT, what about Aud and Jess?

*holds up a big reel of film!* :D

Aud: Oh GOD >_<
Jess: Was...dis back in the day when you could ONLY call me 'Lord Jessihan'and 'Lord Audrey' in Delphi?????? :D

*movie starts*

*We see a fuzzy version of a bit younger Aud walking about a ruggid jungle teran with a lovely apple*

Jess: *LEAPS out of nowhere and steals apple* Whaha!!!! Ooooooooo! Great adventurer give poor starving Jess munchings and
crunchings! Nice apple! Good Adventurer, good apple! Oh boy! What a juicy apple!

Jess: *begins to walk away, but Aud grabs her by the scruff of the neck*

Aud: Hey! No you don't! I didn't give you that apple, you took it!

*Jess bites her hand*

Aud: Ow!

Jess: *runs and hides in a nearby bush*

Aud: Hey! Hold on you hairy little thief! Come back with my apple!
*Aud picks up a stick*
If you don't give it back you'll be sorry! I mean it! I 'm warning you!

Jess: comes out of hiding*

Aud: Give it back!

Jess: looks like she is holding the apple, but when he opens her hands and/or paws. The apple isn't there)

Aud: C'mon the apple! Where is it?

Jess: Uh,ah! Jess has not seen the apple- uhoh!
*the apple has rolled out behind Jess's back, and she leaps on top of the apple to hide it*

Aud: Give it back, I warn you! C'mon!

Jess: *tosses the apple about in her hands, and looks at it like his heart is going to break*

Aud: C'mon the apple, let's have it!

Jess: *takes a huge bite out of the apple then hands it to Aud*

Aud: You horrible greedy thing! You should be ashamed of yourself!

Jess: *Appears to cry*
Ooooohhh! Poor miserable Jess deserves fierce smackings and whackings on her poor tender head! *sniff* All is left with no munchings and crunchings! Forgive poor Jess!

Aud: Oh, stop that sniveling! I'm not going to hurt you. Now look here! Have you seen my harem member? *lost Warp in the jungle*

Jess: Harem member? Blue, tall harem member-ey? Gun hand!

Aud: Yes, yes.

Jess: Goatee!

Aud: That's him! That's Warp!

Jess: Uhah, nope. Jess has not seen harem member-y! Nope!

Aud: Oh, never mind! No telling where Warp is by now!
*stuffs the apple into her vest. Jess follows her, hoping to get the apple*

Jess: Oh, master, master! Now Jess remembers! Yes! Yes! Clever sharp-eyed Jess saw the harem member-y run, right through the forest! Uhuh! Uhuh! I saw it! Uhuh! I saw it!
*pulls Aud by the hand* Come! Jess will find the lost harem member-y! Then we'll be friends forever!
*she jumps on Aud and begins to search her vest for the apple* Munchings and crunchings in here somewhere!

*tape stops, explodes into flames*

Aud: Oh yeah...I remember that. *shudders* Then we stumbled into this hell hole....

Jess: .....*itches the back of her ear with her leg* XP

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HERE'S THE CROWN JEWEL! (yeah..yeah right xD) [04 Oct 2002|03:34pm]

[ mood | enraged ]

(Complete with pictures!

OKAY, if you get a bad character/bad LOOKING character we ALL did. xD *gave everyone old, creepy, smelly men!*


Jess/Colonel William Tavington

http://www.movieweb.com/movie/thepatriot/co6.jpg (looks like a rat)

This guy was queit the tool if I do say so myself. xD Anyway, Jess IS rather sneaky when she wants to be....and can 'out fox' (GO TODD!!!!) just about anyone. This guy was also PRETTY creative when it came to killing people...as...scary as that sounds. xD Like when he burned 'em all to hell in the church, yep-yep! And Jess is creative! AND sometimes gruesomly creative. xD Like when she eats/kills people....*shudders* "KILL ME BEFORE THE WAR IS OVA?? WELL, IT APPEARS YOU ARE NOT THE BETTER MAN!!!" :O! Chazata!

Aud/Gabriel Martin

http://www.movieweb.com/movie/thepatriot/co5.jpg (nice hat)

Why, your the best person who can fake a gold fish when they die like this guy. xD!!!! Okay...lemme think. XP *thinks* OKEY! This guy was like....patriotic or something, and worked on that smelly ass flag. That means like Aud he had...goals of some sort...and worked hard...*like Membrane* or...something! And he was a 'ladie's man'. Not really..I can't back that up. xD Ah yeah! He got married and...Aud's had a few HAREM MEMBERS...*cough cough* That and he was good with his family, and I think if not for Aud, our family would be to hell right now. xD Yer ze voice of reason AND yer got the pratical tricks down....or...something.

Nak/Benjamin Martin

http://www.movieweb.com/movie/thepatriot/co1.jpg (Probably in hell)

WELL, first off, how many times I have I fell to my knees and had the music go?? *slams thumb over shoulder and points to 'PATRIOT MUSIC' on a record player with a big hole in it* ANYWAY, this guy was always runnin' around and shyt...and so do I. I...run around a lot I guess. xD That and I TRY to work hard...sometimes that goes to hell I guess. Right with this WRU. xD ANYWAY...he was kinda 'playerish'....goin out with his wifey's sister???? *wonders if Joel and Scott are brothers*????? Probably not, but hey....the pictures were nice.

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Herreeee! Have some shyt! [04 Oct 2002|03:02pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

xD!!! Boy am I amazing. Some more WRUS. :D This time it's Austin Power chicks. (Errr...this will be easy. Considering there's like...3 movies and...well...three girls. This time I'm posting pictures just in case if you two forget who they are. xD Rea-day? :D Rea-day!

Jess/Foxxy Cleopatra

(Here weeeee areee...http://movieweb.com/movie/austinpowers3/cob.jpg)

WELL THAN!! The reason that Jess got Foxxy here is well, duh, many reasons. FOR ONE! You work for evil. Well, once worked for evil. xD *we all turn to TLK and see it in a burst of evil flames* xD And hey, you're an innocent person!! You're nice! You don't wanna be with the gangstas of evil! xD Plus sometimes you fall into mistakes. (Like Goldmember always kicks her in the face! CHEAP BASTARD!) Unlike up-tight Vanessa or wild Felicity (Micheal: VAAA!) you're a mix of both! You got your set of rules and you're discovering the wide world of many things. :D


(Forr youuuu...http://movieweb.com/movie/austinpowers2/coa.jpg)

WELL THAN! Nakky, you got Felicity because hell, you're a loud and happy person! ^^ You like the 60's era the best, (If Jess likes the 70's, do tell! xD) and you're fun. Sometimes you can't convince the guy you like him. (Like Joel when you were trying to go out with him. Ohhhh bother, that was a mess! Just like Felicity!! HMMM!) Heh, you're also funny to. And have your own friend squad to kick ass. (Like in that picture!) *in funny voice* YOU GO GIRL!

Aud/Vanessa -

(WOO! http://movieweb.com/movie/austinpowers/co4.jpg)

Okay, I'm going to say it. I'm up-tight and not silly. xD Well, sometimes I am...(like when Vanessa was punch-drunk...heh, we had some laughs on that one.) but you know me as being serious. (Like Aud is VERY serious. Jess and Nak make her angry. xD) I'm pretty modern with techonlogy, like hooking up computers and things like that. (UNLIKE YOU, YOU PIGS! JK!! JK!!!! It was a joke!) I don't know if I want my code name to Oprah Cunningham, but there's always room for improvement!

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[ mood | apathetic ]


Sam/Oogy Boogy/The Nightmare Before Christmas:....gambiler, eats nasty things, resembles a sock *puts socks on hands* (I don't recall SOCK...) and all sorts of shyt come with the LOVELY package of Sam. :P Bad things I do to good guys? ....Call 'em names. xD "COME ON....BONE MAN!!" xD yeah sounds like me.

Jess/Randall/Monsters Inc: OH COME ON. xD (THEY'RE NOT COMING ON...)The swiftness, the lines, the hysterically sometimes chilling voice, you just got it Jess. xD Even though HE'S a jerk who only cares about public image...Jess is nice :D And with that....she gets her job done, SHE DOES IT WELL.

Mar/Clayton/Tarzan: GOOOOOOOR-ILLA. Mar's nice and stuff but she IS a leader who takes charge! *puts on game face for Mar* GRRRR! ANYWAY! She gets the job done even if she has to presume some SACRIFICES and she's morbidly hillariously cool. xD Crude humors the best! And like....you can bend guns with your mind!!!!!
No not really. Anyway, Clay-ton tried to teach...and Mar's good with lil kids! :D *does saftey dance and falls down a fleet of stairs*

more....to come. X3

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Grrwweeee! [01 Oct 2002|05:36pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

*a dark figure emerges from the shadows and looks up at chuu!*

I'mmmmm backkkkk!! *poses* *everybody looks up at Mar* HMM-MMM! Howdy folks! Back into the Lords' Kingdom!

...and here I am...holding up in my hands...WRUs!

Forrest Gump

Sam/Nak/Forrest Gump -Yeaaaahhh! Woo! You got the main character Sammy. xD But that's going beside the point. You're most like Gump because you stay true to your pallies! (BUBBAAA!! JENNN-AYYY!) xD Plus you're not one to complain. If somebody hurts a friend you really...whoa, you kick some ass. xD You're that good of a person. Everybody likes to hear your interesting past. Good for you!

Jess/Jessikhan/Jenny - Hey a girl! :D xD Why you be Jennay? Well obviously the J-E in the front of your names. But beside that...xD You don't give a shyt what people do/say. Plus you like to take care of yourself. I respect that and so does your pals. You're a good person. :) And hey, Jess is a kiddie-type of person. (FORREST J.R.! xD)

Mar/Aud/Lt. Dan -LMAO!!! Yeah, I'm this guy. xD Not because I was dubbed him at Six Flags on a warm summer day, but because for many reasons! For one, I'm a 'Take-Charge' person. I like to lead! Plus I set goals for myself, and if I don't get them done...heh, I get BITTER! Thus here we are again.


Sam/Nak/Jean Grey -Ms. Grey liked a certain mutant that some of us kiddies know! And you like the same dood! In the comics she ended up marrying Scott, and hell, I'm sure you'd jump him in a nano-second! You love your logic! And hell! Everybody loves you for that to! Sometimes you get hit on by losers, so watch out! Super identity? Phoenix!

Jess/Jessikhan/Hank McCoy -THIS GUY WAS COOL! He was blue and smart! What more do you want?! He always came up with clever plans. (Heh, like helping me on this WRU for ONE!) His intelligent conversations (and hey, Jess has those hard words that sometimes Sam and me have to look up xD) and creativity was awesome. He really cares for his friend, like olllee Jess here! And that's just plain great. :D

Mar/Aud/Rogue -In the movie, Roguey was...really wussy. :P (Shrieky girl! xD) In the T.V. show/comics that even are new and old, she was...WHOA! She was sharp and seemed a bit PMS-y. She had her good points, but she was tough. Rogue had one problem. No touchie. She couldn't touch others, and with that she was always cynical with love. Guess whose like that also? xD

Spidey Girlfriends

Sam/Nak/Gwen Stacy- I love this girl! But unfortuantly she bit the dust. Apparently she was going to be a model when she was in college before Norman decided to throw her off a bridge! Jerk. xD In the comics she was a troublemaker but very, very sweet. She loved Peter and he loved her. (Perhaps even more than MJ!) Just like Sam you're spunky and love your guy. Go you!

Jess/Jessikhan/Mary Jane Watson- You so lucky! She's my favorite. xD Not because of Kirsten Dunst's character (I don't like that version that much...) but in the Ultimate comics. MJ is soooo nice to people! Like you! :) She makes sure her friends are in tip-top shape and hey, sometimes she might get a bit lashed at by problems but it doesn't stop her. All in all, you're a nice kid. :) You look after everybody.

Mar/Aud/Felicia Hardy- *taps on her Black Cat name*...heh. That's where I get it from. xD Hardy became a superhero and transformed intttoooo THE BLACK CAT! *strikes cat pose*...yeaaahhh, she was a good kid. Her and Spider (as she called Spidey...;D) went out...twice. Reminds me of Joel and me and our bad breakups. Oh well, who said true love conquers all!??! xD

OKAY! I'll do more later! I'm tired. Happy trails everyone! *salutes*

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Flaaaaaambayyy all a may? Aunt May: OH DEAR!!!!! [16 Sep 2002|04:39pm]

[ mood | exanimate ]

*we see the living room of TLK palace completely empty....the couchs all tidy and neat...floor waxed...the sun peeks in thru the glassless windows and makes a lovely scene*

Sun: *is the same sun from the Raison Bran box* HMMM! WHAT A LOVELY SCENE!

*suddenly we hear a pit patting sound hit the floor*

Jess: :O *pit pats over....is wearing all her clothes except for socks and shoes* AAAAAAA-BOOGA!! :O
Aud: *walks over* What the hell is your problem????? :P
Jess: *like a dog, her eyes go wide and she whines* MM-MMM-MM ;.;
Nak: *blinks so loudly the crickets get scared as she walks in* I know what we can do tonight......*evil Green Goblin grin*

*next scene...we see Jess dressed up in this rediculious costume:


and she runs down the street holding up a large beer bottle box marked out that reads 'TRICK OR TREET'*

Nak: *plods after her* ...this'll be sweet.
Aud: *sighs* This is my HELL.
Jess: *knocks on a random door* TREEK OR TREET, BE-OTCH! :O
*learns not nice things from Warp*
Tzke: WHAAA?? UHM...UHM....

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HACHACHACHA! [10 Sep 2002|05:11pm]

[ mood | enthralled ]

*we see a busy cafe that's all black dropped....we see familiar faces sitting at the tables. Jess and Gambit (XD)...Aud and her billion harem members...Luxkess and Totoro.....Chuckie Cheese and Tzkle Kahn.....O_o......*

*people quietly chat as a vibrant pinnk neon light appears over a stool and microphone on stage which reads 'CAFE LA HELL'*

Nak: *walks on stage, and stands in front of microphone*.....There once was a peanut who's heart had been cracked. He decided to sit down....on the ol' rail road tracks. He saw the train comin', his heart went a flutter, and TOOT TOOT! Peanut butter! ....*walks off stage in silence*

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*clears throat* [02 Aug 2002|04:47pm]



*The camera pans through the lush wild life....waters...past all the friendly people of El Dorado...and stops at a large palace....suddenly it slowely enters and focuses on one of the lords*

Aud: *is slouched in kingdom chair, leaning her head on one hand, looking angry* BRING THEM TO ME!!!!!!
El Doradians: HUT HUT HUT HUT.......*seconds later*...*throws Jess before her*
Aud: ....Heh...you never know what you can do here...
Jess: *looks up sadly* I wan the cookies. :'(
Aud: Jess....ever think life's more than this?
Aud: *looks at all her harem members*...heh, guess you're right. This rocks.
Nak: *gets thrown next to Jess* WHAT, MY LOOOOOORDS???????????
Aud:.....Are you happy?
Nak: Happy bout what??? :P
Aud: Happy being you....and you're job and all that shyt.
Nak: *thinks*.....I'm suppose to be you're damn slave, and which I do practically NOUTHING and you don't do shyt about it??*...Yeah, it's hard...but it'll do. :P

*miles away*

Cortes: *looks around ruthlessly* (hey guys, while you read this part, take out your RtED soundtracks and play 'Wonders Of The New World' but wait untill the song goes all evil, which is about the last 4:00's of the song xD) I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF UNTOLERANCE.....IF I DO NOT SEE RESULTS...THINGS ARE GOIN....

Jhonen: Sir....*hands him a tootsie roll*

Cortes: *eyes go bright and anime like* WU YAY!!
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WU! [30 Jul 2002|05:33pm]

[ mood | silly ]


My Furry Code

FArM[Miggymoose]fm1r A+ !C D? H+ M? P++ R-- T? W- Z# !S RLA/C/S/TH a- cmn+ d? e? f+ h* i- j+ p sf?

I have too much time on my hands. xD
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