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*a dark figure emerges from the shadows and looks up at chuu!*

I'mmmmm backkkkk!! *poses* *everybody looks up at Mar* HMM-MMM! Howdy folks! Back into the Lords' Kingdom!

...and here I am...holding up in my hands...WRUs!

Forrest Gump

Sam/Nak/Forrest Gump -Yeaaaahhh! Woo! You got the main character Sammy. xD But that's going beside the point. You're most like Gump because you stay true to your pallies! (BUBBAAA!! JENNN-AYYY!) xD Plus you're not one to complain. If somebody hurts a friend you really...whoa, you kick some ass. xD You're that good of a person. Everybody likes to hear your interesting past. Good for you!

Jess/Jessikhan/Jenny - Hey a girl! :D xD Why you be Jennay? Well obviously the J-E in the front of your names. But beside that...xD You don't give a shyt what people do/say. Plus you like to take care of yourself. I respect that and so does your pals. You're a good person. :) And hey, Jess is a kiddie-type of person. (FORREST J.R.! xD)

Mar/Aud/Lt. Dan -LMAO!!! Yeah, I'm this guy. xD Not because I was dubbed him at Six Flags on a warm summer day, but because for many reasons! For one, I'm a 'Take-Charge' person. I like to lead! Plus I set goals for myself, and if I don't get them done...heh, I get BITTER! Thus here we are again.


Sam/Nak/Jean Grey -Ms. Grey liked a certain mutant that some of us kiddies know! And you like the same dood! In the comics she ended up marrying Scott, and hell, I'm sure you'd jump him in a nano-second! You love your logic! And hell! Everybody loves you for that to! Sometimes you get hit on by losers, so watch out! Super identity? Phoenix!

Jess/Jessikhan/Hank McCoy -THIS GUY WAS COOL! He was blue and smart! What more do you want?! He always came up with clever plans. (Heh, like helping me on this WRU for ONE!) His intelligent conversations (and hey, Jess has those hard words that sometimes Sam and me have to look up xD) and creativity was awesome. He really cares for his friend, like olllee Jess here! And that's just plain great. :D

Mar/Aud/Rogue -In the movie, Roguey was...really wussy. :P (Shrieky girl! xD) In the T.V. show/comics that even are new and old, she was...WHOA! She was sharp and seemed a bit PMS-y. She had her good points, but she was tough. Rogue had one problem. No touchie. She couldn't touch others, and with that she was always cynical with love. Guess whose like that also? xD

Spidey Girlfriends

Sam/Nak/Gwen Stacy- I love this girl! But unfortuantly she bit the dust. Apparently she was going to be a model when she was in college before Norman decided to throw her off a bridge! Jerk. xD In the comics she was a troublemaker but very, very sweet. She loved Peter and he loved her. (Perhaps even more than MJ!) Just like Sam you're spunky and love your guy. Go you!

Jess/Jessikhan/Mary Jane Watson- You so lucky! She's my favorite. xD Not because of Kirsten Dunst's character (I don't like that version that much...) but in the Ultimate comics. MJ is soooo nice to people! Like you! :) She makes sure her friends are in tip-top shape and hey, sometimes she might get a bit lashed at by problems but it doesn't stop her. All in all, you're a nice kid. :) You look after everybody.

Mar/Aud/Felicia Hardy- *taps on her Black Cat name*...heh. That's where I get it from. xD Hardy became a superhero and transformed intttoooo THE BLACK CAT! *strikes cat pose*...yeaaahhh, she was a good kid. Her and Spider (as she called Spidey...;D) went out...twice. Reminds me of Joel and me and our bad breakups. Oh well, who said true love conquers all!??! xD

OKAY! I'll do more later! I'm tired. Happy trails everyone! *salutes*
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