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thelordskingdom's Journal

The Lords' Kingdom
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-Lord Jessikhan-

One of the two lords in 'The Lords' Kingdom.' The more or less more crazy lord of the duo, who enjoys looking for her long lost cuppie, and sticking frys up her nose. She's the youngest of the trio, and although she doesn't have a full fledged harem, she has a few crushes...like Purple and Scooby Doo. She likes to color with crayons preferablly purple.
Likes: Baked potatoes, Purple, hammers, Cheezits
Dislikes: Meatloaf, Cheese Nips, Uncle Rob
Can Be Called: Jess, Jessie

-Lord Auddie-

The second of the two lords. Though she's more sensible, she's known to get out of hand.(FAN GIRL!!) She's the only lord/member to have a harem, who opened up our kingdom up A LOT. Sometimes if someone REALLY makes her mad she can mourph into 'Zombie Aud' who chases everyone else out of her way and has her own band of zombies as her goons. But when she feels more or less childish she'll be 'Auddie Pan' and teach children why being a kid rocks the house.
Likes: Harem Members, leading, The Beatles, Cheezits
Dislikes: The Slave Girl, Nak and Jess's antics
Can Be Called: Aud


Was the last to be a part of the kingdom to a certain stand point. Was going to be a lord but Aud quoted a Simpsons line and said "OH SLAVE GIRL!" in the AL forum. Jess took her for real, and Nak became: THE SLAVE GIRL. Though she never does what she's told, she's very cartoony evilly, and tries to take over the world. (And the only one who can speak about 23,000 languages)
Likes: Go Go Action Broncos, Farmer Welches' Yam Chips, peanuts, yellow subs
Dislikes: The lords, the harem members, the SNOBBY ASS BEATLES (who yell at us if we steal their songs)
Can Be Called: Chi

Side Characters


A strange GREEN monster, with three eyes. She first appeared when Nak fell out of a tree, and fell on Luxkess. She was once a slave girl, but was turned into a monster because she never listened. She's good friends with Nak and they both speak like this: mraa? (what?)
Likes: Totoro, Nak, Getting Drunk, Allon Raptor
Dislikes: Auddie and Jessikhan, When Totoro won't take her to Chuckie Cheese's, Gettin' caught by the cops.


He's a blue monster that is Luxkess's boyfriend. He first appeared in our role plays one day out of the blue and Luxkess was getting a date...he tends to take her to Chuckie Cheese's, and is over protective of her if she gets drunk and flirts with the Allon Raptor.
Likes: Luxkess, Chuckie Cheese's, The Lords'
Dislikes: Allon Raptor, Flying Bunnies, the booze

-Allon Raptor-

Allon Raptor came out of the movie "Jurrasic Park 3." When Grant had a vision and his friend turned into a raptor and said "ALAN!" Thus, we laughed our arses off for weeks, and he mistakely came into our Role Plays. He talks only 'Allon Language', and only can speak using the letters A-L-O or N, (IE: lloo nooo alln??? what time is it???). Luxkess tends to get drunk, and flirts with him...but poor Allon Raptor never knows what the heck is going on.
Likes: Being in movies, saying 'Allon', being confused.
Dislikes: Totoro, cars, being confused.


Tzke, (a stolen character from the animated movie 'The Road to El Dorado') is an evil...dude in our Kingdom, but knows how to make an honest buck by selling Poop Pancakes. His mother does all the special effects for the Mummy, and his Uncle Rob works for Pink Floyd and likes to throw carrots into salad shooters. He's pretty annoying, but he's the lead singer in a group. He loves to sing "HE'S HENRY, CLAY FU**ING HENRY!!!" He stalls a hell of a lot by saying "uhmmm...uhmmm..uhmmm" for three years straight, and is the evil masterminds behind a kidnapping.
Likes: Poop Pancakes, Unkie Rob, Singing
Dislikes: stalling and saying "uhmmm", being offered lemonaid when he specifcally asked for coffee, his mom.
Can Be Called: Tzke, Tzkle Kahn Poop Pancake Man, Tall Sinister and UGLY man.

-Russel Crowe-

Russel was the the guy from 'Gladiator' who hosts his own show called "Russel Crowe: Fightin' Around The World." (Claimed 'South Park.' xD) He acts just like Steve Irwin, but hosts fights that he picks with different people around the world. When he's not fighting, he talks to his best friend Tugger the boat, and if he sings to Tugger, poor Tugger goes suicidal.
Likes: Fightin', Tugger, singing, his movies
Dislikes: people who knows he's Russel Crowe, Suicidal Tugger, and people who interupt him


Well, he was in one RP anyway. It was a black and white movie, and Nak lost poor Joel. So she went to the best detective in town: DETECTIVE KHAN, and her sidekick AUDDIE!!! Detective Khan (Jessikhan) went right to the scene of the crime: Starbucks, and then Tzke's house. And, they bumped into Joel about 3 billion times, but just thought he was the friendly coffee/lemonaid/kool aid vendor and not Joel. We never did find him...YET. BLAHAHAHHAA.
Likes: Coffee, Lemonaid, Kool Aid
Dislikes: Being lost, TSAUM who doesn't like his lemonaid, Tim Burton
Can Be called: Joely-Head. xD


One day Milo gave birth to a baby boy in the club house. Even more mind-boggiling, and SICK, the baby grew to resemble 'Spider-Man's Doc Ock. How this happened, nobody knew nor did they WANT to know. Gary is still but a small child who lives in the clubhouse with Warp and Milo who whines, complains, bites, and is the most annoying kid with a bowl haircut ever known.
Likes: Candy, grinning, Milo
Dislikes: When it's cold/hot out, anyone that isn't Milo, the hose, when the clubhouse explodes
Can Be Called: Milo's special little guy



The first person in Auddie's harem. (Character stolen from 'Buzz Lightyear of Star Command') Nak hated him and Jess liked to throw stuff at him. After that, Milo came and the two were like vicious pack rats...they soon formed an alliance only to live in a clubhouse out back of the kingdom. Nak had some history with that freaking clubhouse, and Auddie never wanted to talk to any of them again.
Likes: His Gun (for a arm), food, when the weathers above freezing.
Dislikes: Squirrels that jump into his arm gun, Nak, other harem characters.
Can Be Called: Warpy, Darkmatter


The second character in the harem, (Character stolen from 'Atlantis.') and was pretty much the longest at that. He than got thrown with Warp when Tulio came in. Even though he lives in the pack of clubhouse, he's pretty nice and courtious....that never flys though.
Likes: Books, Maps, Atlantis
Dislikes: Nakoma, the hose, the clubhouse


Tulio was the bastard who brought Jess and Aud together. (Character stolen from 'The Road to El Dorado.') He lived in the kingdom all too long until he crashed. He never went into the clubhouse after the 'Vasquez' wave, but always lounged about. He also brought Miguel into it, and was once caught into a freak Oompa Loompa accident.
Likes: Staying in the Kingdom, being a mighty and powerful GOD, being single again...., Miguel
Dislikes, Nak, pool parties, and Luxkess.
Can Be Called: the tool (name givin by Nak)


Jim just kind of walked into TLK out of some woods in Stinkaporia where Nak proceded to run him over with the Go-Go-Action Bronco and Aud took him home. He was once an annoying little bastard, but grew into a withdrawn and terrified young man who hated to be alone. He claims that everytime he's alone, pirates (Long John Silver, Captain Jack Sparrow, etc) come out of nowhere and rape him, but since nobody is there to see it, they don't believe him.
Likes: Aud, Christmas, Sammiches, his mom
Dislikes: Pirates, being raped, Nak
Can Be Called: Jimmy, Jimbo

Jess' Harem Members


Probably Lord Jessikhan's only REAL harem member, Purple is constantly being chased by the lord. When he visits TLK, Jess makes sure he doesn't leave her site, and when she looks the other way, he's gone. For some reason, he's always trying to run away....
Likes: Curly fries, smoke machines, plastic tarantulas
Dislikes: Being chased around, lasers
Can Be Called: Purpie (by Jess)


One day Gollum hopped into TLK and never left. Ever since then, he's been obsessed with Jess and everything about her. Labeled 'Jess' Boyfriend For Eternity, Gollum', he constantly tries to win her over. Sadly, Jess is too preoccupied by the other people in her harem to devote herself to Gollum, which leaves him depressed and saddened a lot more then often.
Likes: Jess, being around Jess, Fishes
Dislikes: Ralph The Vacuum Cleaner, Purple, Scooby-Doo
Can Be Called: JBFEG


For some reason Jess brought the rather famous Scooby-Doo home one day and began to love him. But not in a platonic Shaggy-Scooby-Stoner kind of way, or a little girl obsession kind of way. She saw something in that dog....what it was, nobody knows.
Likes: Jess, Shaggy, getting high, Scooby-Snacks (AKA Pot Brownies)
Dislikes: Fred
Can Be Called: Scoob

Nak's Harem Members


The first person Nak began to 'worship' was Scott, the mutant with the shades. Sadly, he was replaced in a manner of weeks/month(s), where he obtained the name 'Nak's Boyfriend For Five Seconds, Scott' by Jess. He still hangs around, though, and when he's not getting killed by something stupid, he's getting summoned by Professor X on where to find the nearest and best strip club.
Likes: Sunglasses, Soap Operas, Nak
Dislikes: Jim, Daredevil
Can Be Called: NBFFSS


After Scott came Legolas, who was frequently running in and out of TLK from Stinkaporia. Many people mistaken him for Will Turner, which cheezes him off with a passion. He gets raped a lot by a lot of stupid people unintentionally....mostly by Aragorn.
Likes: Killing things, Stinkaporia, Bows and Arrows, Aragorn, Nak
Dislikes: People who thinks he is Will Turner, Orcs, Aragorn
Can Be Called: -

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